About Us

About the brand

Established in 1996, LU LU CHEUNG was conceived as a fashion label that placed nature, environment and minimalism at it’s core.

Today our designs continue to embody these core values, boasting elegant, feminine & unique pieces that have contributed to Hong Kong’s growing influence on global fashion.

Throughout the years, our flagship stores have been located in iconic areas around Hong Kong, with our new home in Causeway Bay.

About Lulu

Lulu Cheung

In 1972, Lu Lu arrived on the shores of Hong Kong from the city of Bandung, Indonesia. 

From a young age, she was fascinated by the grandeur and beauty of fashion. After receiving a diploma from the Hong Kong Institute of Fashion Design, she started her career tailoring custom pieces for her early clients. Piece by piece, she developed her unique style.

With contemporary designs targeted at working women, Lu Lu loves to use natural fibres in her clothes. Her designs are known for their simplicity and elegance, featuring natural colours, fluid lines and delicate cuts.

During the 27th Hong Kong Fashion Week, she won the International Fashion Editors' Best Collection Awards (1996) and later the Royal Selangor Artistic Excellence Award (2003), Hong Kong Art and Design Festival Ten Outstanding Designers Awards (2006).

A core belief that Lu Lu holds is that sustainability in fashion extends throughout the entire lifetime of a product and shouldn’t be limited to simply being environmental by saving a few plastic bags. Sustainability should be the motivating factor to design each item. The thought and care placed into each piece should translate into something that can be cherished and loved as a lasting treasure, using durable and high quality materials to ensure it stands up to the test of time. Lu Lu believes that this method of sustainability will be the future of fashion in an increasingly wasteful world. 

Today, Lu Lu holds the title of Creative Director and Chief Design of LU LU CHEUNG.